A tiny perfume of nectar, petals, and honey. Limited edition, handmade in our New York atelier. Available exclusively here.

8 ml
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The Story

From a young age, I was entranced by the dance between pollinator and flowers. This fragrance is a vision of the perfect spring - sun dappled leaves hiding hummingbirds and butterflies resting on pink blossoms. I can almost smell the dripping rose nectar and honey on the breeze and hear the enchanting buzz of bees. Behind this sweet bouquet, powdered vanilla and soft sweet suede lend an angelic aura. This precious limited release fait main is an ode to my song of spring - the erotic ballet of pollination.

Perfumer & Founder
Freesia, Violets, Italian Bergamot Oil
Rose Nectar, Beeswax Absolute, Orange Flower Honey
Powdered Vanilla, Suede

Alcohol, Parfum (Fragrance), Natural Essential Oils and Absolutes

Eau de Parfum