An edible perfume

Introducing Régime des Fleurs Timelapse, an edible perfume made with all natural food-grade botanical extractions and food-grade alcohol. Not only intended to be applied to the skin as a traditional perfume, Timelapse was designed to scent and flavor drinks, fresh fruits, cakes, ice cream etc. Merging perceptions and toying with the distinctions of what is inside the body and what is outside of it, a flower swiftly blooms inside the mouth while its fragrance languidly unfolds and transforms on the skin- the intoxicating experience gives new meaning to 'heady floral'. Initially green and fresh with perilla and bergamot, the operatic white magnolia and jasmine aroma is supported with the lingering sweet smoothness of balsam. Body becomes flower as time spirals around again.

Now available for pre-order. Shipping January 2018.

33ml | $195

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