Nymphaea Caerulea

The illusive beauty of a peaceful, wild thing, something deeply admired but so rarely captured. A pure and precious essence you long to know but can’t hold in your hand– a study of sunlight glinting on rippling water, the touch of the Siren’s wet skin. Something so perfectly delicate it must be handled with exquisite care. The enchantment of the sacred blue water lotus. Celestial, aquatic, floral elements. All Fait main fragrances are made to order. No Returns.

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The Story

This is one of the most precious formulations that exists in the world. It begins with the euphoric, Sri Lankan blue lotus. Found floating in a pond, the precious flower’s petals are carefully removed and made into an absolute by our master extractor. This one of a kind absolute then travels to Hawaii for a second extraction, where the result is something so clarified and defined it becomes a form of real magic. This hyper-pure essence of a singing iridescent flower– it moves me to tears.

Perfumer & Founder
Hawaiian blue lotus,
aurora reconstitution,
salty water
Indian blue lotus,
Nile water lily headspace,
pandanus amaryllifolius,
absolutes of 15 flowers
white ambergris

Eau de Parfum