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by Juliana McCarthy

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No. 31: The Astrology of December 2016:
Becoming Tender Warriors

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs -
Astrology of December 2016

The month of December is ruled by Sagittarius, the centaur—seeker of truth, sign of idealism and adventure. Half human, half horse, the centaur loves bounding to faraway places, both in the world and in his mind. His bow and arrow point to the horizon, as he shoots toward freedom and possibility. As we face planetary shock, chaos, and uncertainty, what better timing for Sagittarius to inspire us, expanding our hearts with courage and optimism? Deception is continuing to unravel this month, exposing hidden truths, while unhealthy relationships, old beliefs, and stifling aspects of ego are falling away. Meanwhile, we are giving birth to new beginnings, which are rooted in genuineness and compassion. Like the first blanket of snow, we are joining together, establishing common ground with more and more people, as we discover a shared dedication to basic goodness, no matter our systems of belief.

We begin the month with Chiron stationing direct at the same time that Saturn is squaring Neptune. Old wounds are reemerging, presenting us with a choice: We can either face reality full on, acknowledging our pain, or we can slide into escapism, addictions, and other patterns of avoidance. If we are able to open to our wounding—touching into the places where we’ve been hurt—break-through is possible. Finally, we could find a way to forgive ourselves and others, as we dissolve a little further into understanding that there is no such thing as friend and enemy—that good and evil exists within every human heart. This kind of inner work is imperative to the ideological healing now underway.

With Venus moving into Capricorn on December 2, just after a Venus-Pluto conjunction, we are having serious conversations with partners, friends, colleagues, and ourselves. If we have been unable to face certain truths, or some fundamental understanding, now is the time to address these. Communication intensifies and transforms, as we establish fresh ways of

relating with each other. We are setting boundaries, and walking away from toxic friendships, as we simultaneously commit to new people who inspire us to open our hearts¬.

A Full Moon Supermoon arrives in Gemini on December 14, forming two Grand Configurations: a Mystic Rectangle and a Grand Trine. Combustibility is possible now, as we feel the tension between self and other, intellect and heart. With Uranus and Saturn activated, we can break out of old paradigms with sudden force. All the while, the supportive Grand Trine between Mars, the Moon, and Jupiter emboldens our emotional and feminine sides, showing us how to be gentle warriors. We are learning to fight peacefully for what we believe in, with an unwavering commitment to humanity and Mother Earth.

For most of December, Mars is in Aquarius, while Uranus is in Aries—a mutual reception, as each planet falls in the other’s ruler, helping us to undo oppressive powers. With Uranus forming angles to Saturn and Jupiter at the end of the month, the energy of revolution is at once becoming more serious and expansive. Thunder cracks as we experience more shock and upset, while we continue breaking free from old paradigms, both internally and in the world. If we can relax with these currents of energy, spiritual awakening is possible now, as powerful energies and events blast through our complacency.

December ends with a Capricorn New Moon on December 29, while a significant T-Square forms with Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto. This T-Square points to destruction, rebirth, and changing tides of power, while the Capricorn New Moon helps to solidify our way forward. Here we end the month and year with a bang that is also a new beginning. We have officially entered a period of unraveling before Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter join together in 2020, establishing the long-awaited new paradigm. All efforts we make now are paving the way.

Looking back, the year 2016 has been one of both explosiveness and purification. As we forge ahead this month, beginning to blaze the trail for future generations, Sagittarius is in the background, keeping us afloat with buoyancy and optimism. He is helping us to expand as individuals and society, while pointing us to the vast stores of wisdom within each of us, binding us together. As we wake up to this understanding of interconnection, we can become much-needed leaders in the world, who demonstrate our dedication to unconditional love and inclusion, which begins with ourselves.


As we enter the month of Sagittarius and the start of winter, shadows of trees’ skeletons are dancing beneath us. We may find greater comfort in looking up to the sky—to the broader framework for all that is unfolding. With major angles forming to Uranus from the planets of expansion and destruction, revolution strikes like lightning, stripping away toxic patterns, structures, and relationships, as we make room for justice and love for all beings. With male and female planets working together in harmony, we are recalibrating the balances of power, bringing subtlety and softness to roles of leadership. Like the water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline, we are collectively becoming peaceful protestors, defending the earth and those who are oppressed, from a ground of compassion, and the acknowledgement of spirit. We can forgive ourselves and each other, while never sacrificing our ideals or clarity of purpose.

With self-generating compassion, as warm as the bobcat’s fur in winter, may we protect ourselves. May we remain unflinching in our truth and deepest wisdom, strong and still, like the slumbering bear. May we become tender warriors, learning to love ourselves and others, courageously and freely.

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No. 30: The Astrology of November 2016:
Revealing the Unseen

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs -
Astrology of November 2016

The month of November is ruled by Scorpio—sign of transformation, mystery, and depth. Like a vase of oleanders, its potency and poison are not readily apparent. Without our knowing, Scorpio pushes us into the underworld, making visible what we normally keep hidden. He offers portals that blast open our psyches to other dimensions, exposing secrets, while clearing the way for intimacy and regeneration. Thus begins our six-month journey into darkness before entering spring. We are walking into the night sky, afraid at first, accosted by the first chill of winter, but slowly we open to invisible currents, realizing that whatever we fear is only our minds. This is the key lesson that Scorpio presents: he grants courage to relate more honestly to ourselves and others, to look in the mirror and purge what no longer serves us. From here, we may experience rebirth and profound connection to others—all with the vulnerability of being perfectly exposed.

We enter November on the tail of a Scorpio New Moon, which has set the tone for creating healthier, more fulfilling relationships. With Jupiter in Libra, we are undergoing major work with regard to love—expanding, exploring, and reconstructing our relationship dynamics. We are calling in more appropriate partners, and braving difficult work to prepare ourselves for easier, more joyful, and heart-expanding connections.

As the month progresses, we enter a phase of sudden revolution. On November 8, the night of the presidential elections in the U.S., Mars enters freedom-loving, rebellious Aquarius. At this time, aggressive, masculine energies could encourage fighting against established systems, and a few days later, Jupiter and Uranus form a T-Square with Pluto—planet of destruction and power. Hidden truths could be exposed, eliciting shock. However, since Jupiter is in harmonious Libra, these energies could work toward healthy, though radical, changes, both

societally and personally. If we need to face difficult truths, or release and transform anything at all, this month is beautifully supportive of both surrender and revolution. The key is to unify, to reconcile conflicting parts of ourselves, and to work toward understanding each other’s points of view. Ultimately, there is no greater power than love, and as Pluto continues to burn away all that is out of integrity, our fear begins to alchemize, leaving love in its wake.

On November 12, Venus enters Capricorn, helping us to ground, to commit to our relationships, embrace hard work, and create peaceful structures for relating to one another. With the planet of love in the sign of the father, we may find masculine energies softening, as the feminine grows further into her power. The Taurus Full Moon on November 14 continues the themes of women’s rights and gender fluidity. That day, the Sun will conjunct Lilith, the independent, empowered, feminine goddess, while the Moon sextiles Chiron, which represents healing. As inevitable as the falling leaves, the feminine is beginning to obscure the masculine. She is working diligently to transform the rotting patriarchy into a ground of love and respect. Her layer of mulch is not hateful or vengeful; she is unassuming like the leaves, gently blanketing the old paradigm, until they merge into fertile oneness.

The New Moon on November 29 falls in Sagittarius, where it furthers the theme of merging. We are planting new seeds of philosophical outlook, exploring cultures, religions, and belief systems different from our own, while committing to mutual understanding and symbiosis. Adventure and uncharted territory unfold before us. As we lighten up from Sun in Scorpio into fiery, boundless Sagittarius, we can raise our sights to an exciting and unknown horizon. We are imagining the future, and since Scorpio has taught us of the power of mind, we may

recognize that anything is possible now. The veils that separate our imaginations from reality—the invisible from what is tangible—are thin and flowing, and as the November breeze lifts them, exposing profundity and magic, our fixed minds may instantly dissolve and reveal our vast potential.


Scorpio heralds a six-month journey into darkness before Aries arrives, bringing in spring. What happens when the leaves die and fall to the ground? What happens when Pluto is in command, the small planet that constantly emits x-rays? This month is ready to expose us, to shake our dead leaves until all that remains is bare bones. November confronts us with our fear so we may release it and return to love. With Jupiter in Libra, and Scorpio piloting the ship, we are plunging deeper into a path of intimacy, creating new relationship paradigms, healing old wounds, and opening to a higher vibration of love and connection. While change may feel painful and uncertain, if we can conjure courage, we will grow into our true potential, and the strength of our unencumbered hearts.

As the crows circle overhead, searching for corpses, and deer delicately pick through the rotting apples, may we celebrate the inevitability of death, which in truth is not an ending, but an opening into other realms, and a chance for rebirth. In the darkness, the tangible is hard to see, while what is within us becomes illuminated. May we take this opportunity to discover that there is no difference between light and dark, as long as our hearts are open—as long as we touch in with fearlessness, saying yes to all that arises.

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No. 29: The Astrology of October 2016:
A Symphony of Love

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs - Astrology of October 2016

The month of October is ruled by Libra, the most harmonious and romantic sign, who envelops us like the night sky—spacious and clear, yet elusive, dissolving any parts of ourselves that are out of alignment with love. As we shift seasons, the natural world is reflecting the beauty of Libra’s ruler, Venus, displaying its brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows, like a shooting star before it dies. With Jupiter in Libra since last month, the energies we establish now will spill over and affect us for a whole year, correlating with Jupiter’s journey. Whichever notes we play this month will establish long-lasting harmonies. There is no better time to ask ourselves what we would like to manifest, particularly around relationships and artistic endeavors; however, we are meant to conjure feelings, rather than specifics. If we can feel into the textures we would like to bring forth, and clear space for unimaginable situations, the Universe is ready to paint our musings.

October begins with a New Moon, which officially occurs the last day of September. Conjuncting Jupiter, this New Moon brings about vast expansion by shining its bright light on our beings. With the light of Jupiter and the diplomacy of Libra joined together, we have the opportunity to expand our points of view beyond previously held comfort zones. We are creating more and more room for people to step inside our spheres of unconditional love. We are moving out of Virgo’s perfectionism, releasing judgment toward ourselves and others, and gliding further into peace and harmonious relationships. At times this could feel painful as the light exposes our shameful corners, but if we relax and open to the process, we will experience healing and self-illumination.

Mars entered Capricorn at the end of September, where he will remain until next month, offsetting Libra’s desire to stay in bed, lazily relishing life’s pleasures. The planet of exertion in the most ambitious sign is asking us to harness the creative, loving energy of Libra into projects that could benefit society. As we touch in with our deep creativity and love for one another, Capricorn’s capable and practical energy is helping us advance with our projects.

When Mars sextiles Neptune on October 11, our spiritual warriorship will be ignited. With Libra’s help, we begin to master paradox, developing our ability to see all sides of a situation, while making friends with contradiction. Now is the time to create tribes and families, holding to ideals of love and inclusion, as we do our parts to establish humanity in a ground of heart energy. Holding steadfast to open-mindedness is a beautiful beginning.

Continuing with these themes, Libra is working hard this month to restore balance to the masculine and feminine, reminding us that manliness can be gentle, nurturing, and communicative, while female energy can evolve into more power, stillness, and celebration of freedom. We’ve been balancing genders all year, and October is a crescendo in this regard. The feminine can teach us patience and forgiveness, while the masculine can provide space and strength. The idea is to honor both, and to recognize we embody both sides in our wholeness. In fact, the state of enlightenment is a perfect balance of the genders.

After working with the ever-accommodating sign of Libra all month, who can sometimes waver too much, or sweep things under the rug to avoid confrontation, the Full Moon in Aries on October 16 may come as a welcome change. Tightly conjucting Uranus, planet of revolution, we may find that all the work in harmonizing our souls and relationships, and in forming our creative projects, may receive an electric jolt of fruitional energy. Some kind of societal revolution may also reach climax, as we forge ahead in envisioning the new paradigm.

With Mars conjuncting Pluto a few days later, on October 19, we could find that whatever revolutionary energies were stirred on the Full Moon become dramatic, and possibly violent. However, if we can harness these energies properly, they could give us a helpful boost in our ambitions and whatever exertion we’ve been applying to our work. If we are stuck, now is the time to feel Pluto blasting us into the next phase, so we can rise from the ashes, like blazing phoenixes of love and peace.

As Saturn continues moving through Sagittarius, we must not forget our deepest

purpose. With cardinal signs ruling the month, and with Mars in Capricorn stoking our ambition, we might remember that we cannot solely focus on career or the pursuit of material things. We are here to awaken our soul’s true essence, to open our hearts and minds to the magic available in each moment. All we have to do is look up and recognize the basic goodness of the person before us to remember our own. After all, Libra is here to remind us of the beauty and power of engaging with relationships as a spiritual path, bringing us closer to the fundamental truth that all beings are inseparable.


With Libra, sign of love and harmony, in command this month, we are learning how to balance our souls and harmonize relationships. As Venus rules Libra, the world is exploding with beauty. Fall is kicking in and shifting us into a new cycle of colorful leaves and bursting hearts. In typical Libra fashion, we are now experiencing paradoxical energies—patience and drive, masculinity and femininity, right and wrong—simultaneously, with neutrality. We are expanding into our highest frequencies so we can express our talents to the world while creating harmonious relationships with everyone we meet. Our job is to recognize the mirrors we hold up to each other. Whatever we love, whatever we loathe, is ultimately within us. As Libra and Jupiter play together, they are opening us to the vast stores of love that exist within our hearts, which can expand to include the whole Universe. This, in fact, is love’s natural state. If we find the courage to look, we will see that our true essence is blindingly bright. We will find that unconditional love arises when we surrender our afflicted emotions—jealousy, anger, grasping, blame. And here lies the secret that Libra so easily unearths.

As the wind blows the mottled leaves, may we reach down and discover the golden key that unlocks our deepest wisdom: The only thing that is real is love. May our hearts and minds expand until all else falls away.

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No. 28: The Astrology of September 2016:
Gentle Alchemy

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs - Astrology of September 2016

As summer turns to fall, Virgo, sign of purity, leads us to cooling weather and turning leaves. On the horizon, we may notice the golden maiden approaching, carrying her basket of thistles and purple asters, eating freshly fallen apples as her entourage of baby deer roams close-by. This month, we are in loving hands as Virgo envelops us with her subtlety and devotion, while four planets dance in the soft but alchemical light of her constellation. Two symbols reflect Virgo’s essence: Demeter, goddess of harvest, and the High Priestess, the mystical, self-empowered healer. These two archetypes point to our path over the next few weeks. Demeter tells us to work hard in order to reap our harvest, while the High Priestess shows us how to restore ourselves so we can help others. With two eclipses and some powerful long-term aspects drawing to a close, September marks a moment of culmination as Virgo’s gentle orb illuminates our wounds so we can finally heal.

On September 1, a New Moon Solar Eclipse arrives two days after Mercury stations retrograde, dipping us into magic. Our minds are expanding into worlds unseen, opening portals of space and time. Virgo-Pisces represents one of the zodiac’s pathways to enlightenment: Virgo represents the embodiment of pure intention while Pisces reflects oneness and unconditional love. The eclipse sharply nudges us along this path, reminding us to serve others while recognizing our interconnection. The North Node has remained in Virgo since January, dancing in and out of a Jupiter conjunction, and we are now reaching the height of these energies. We are stepping into crystal-clear discernment and understanding our true purpose. Neptune conjunct the South Node tempts us with old patterns, while the eclipse in Virgo shows us the way forward: We must work hard to step into discomfort, facing whatever remains unhealed. We must be gentle with ourselves while releasing judgment, understanding that the road to awakenment is not about perfection, but embracing our humanity with forgiveness.

Continuing the month, September 10 marks the final exact square between Saturn and Neptune. We are recalibrating inner and outer structures and surrendering unrealistic fantasies. Everything about this month beckons us to release what is out of integrity while calling on Virgo’s precision to surgically remove stubborn patterns and neuroses. This is not an easy task, and for those up for the challenge, now is the time to step in to help our fellow humans.

Continuing our voyage of healing and purification, the Lunar Eclipse on September 17 will square Chiron, while Chiron squares Mars. We are rallying courage to face our oldest wounds as the eclipse brings about sudden clearing and awakening, restoring our equilibrium. We are leaving the dragon hole—the surreal, amplified period between two eclipses—and forging ahead into the fresh, inspired energy that permeates the remainder of the month.

September 22 is especially happy, marking the Fall Equinox, the Sun’s shift into Libra, and Mercury stationing direct. We have emerged from our tunnel of healing and purification, and now we can bask in the fruits of the year’s hard labor. With Jupiter already in Libra, we are beginning a new period of love and harmony, as the golden light of Jupiter shines on the sign of relationships. September 26 will amplify these feelings as Jupiter conjuncts the Sun. Good fortune is expanding to envelop all of humanity, ushering in a restorative month, along with a coming year of relative peace.

We forget that gentle Virgo is the sign of alchemy, that the goddess of purity and service has a subtle way of encouraging hard work and healing for the benefit of all. With Virgo’s aid, we are embarking on a new era equipped with clearer minds, stronger hearts, and purer intentions. As the world’s energetic frequencies increase, goodness is prevailing, veils are lifting, and our true natures are revealing themselves like the magenta dahlias of late season.


Sweet Virgo, the pure virgin and goddess of harvest, diligently sweeps the debris of this year’s challenging path of purification. She pours her magical, alchemical energy into September, beginning with a Solar Eclipse on September 1, which brings about sharp healing that requires self-care and forgiveness. Reality warps as Saturn squares Neptune for the final time, Mercury is retrograding, and we are entering the dragon hole—the intensified period between two eclipses. While we may face challenges mid-month as we uproot our deepest wounds, the Lunar Eclipse on September 17 brings an opportunity for sudden awakening and the shedding of old patterns. On September 22—the Fall Equinox—Mercury stations direct as the Sun enters Libra. Now, we can forge ahead with purer vessels, a better understanding of our purpose, and the bright light of Jupiter expanding peace and harmonious relationships. With Pisces communicating with Virgo all month, the fish reminds the virgin to relax and go with the flow. We are here to serve, but, as always, we can simultaneously relax and enjoy ourselves, savoring the beauty of love and the richness of the phenomenal world.

Like mother bears picking apples for her cubs, may we reap the harvests of this year’s hard work, feeding our souls while delighting in helping others. We are opening to a fresh era of relating, as balance, harmony, and love permeate our connections. With crickets chirping in the cooler nights of fall, may we welcome the crispness of a new season.

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No. 27: The Astrology of August 2016:
Lightening Up

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs - Astrology of August 2016

“Love is what carries you, for it is always there, even in the dark, or most in the dark, but shining out at times like gold stitches in a piece of embroidery.”
–Wendell Berry

How beautiful that we enter August with loving, heart-centered Leo in command, reminding us to relish life’s pleasures. He demonstrates that the fast path to enlightenment comes not from asceticism, but from delighting fully in the five senses. If we relax with the richness of mottled moss, the sounds of bubbling creeks, the sight of wild flowers speckling deep-green mountains, we may find our channels bursting open, eliciting natural awakenment. Leo provides a well-deserved turning point as we move out of shadow work and into the light. Gone are the days of Mars retrograding through intense Scorpio, and Uranus squaring death-ruling Pluto, forcing us into the underworld. With the Sun King reigning, we will best spend our time enjoying the company of friends, laughing heartily, playing the role of generous host—entirely free of guilt.

After a long stint in Scorpio, Mars enters optimistic, visionary Sagittarius on August 2. This occurs just moments before the Leo New Moon, representing an auspicious and powerful coupling. Together they bring a fresh phase of passion, action, and expression. After a long period in the trenches, focused on purging our own inner darkness, we can now raise our gaze and see how we can benefit society.

This Moon will also activate the ongoing square between Neptune and Saturn—an aspect eliciting fear in some people. Deception is chafing against reality, and attempted lies are bursting to the surface as quickly as they are told. Neptune blurs the strict boundaries of Saturn, and we are seeing the effects in quickened communication, globalism, and the ongoing blending of cultures. We would feel most rewarded by this planetary alignment if we surrender our dogma and solidity, relaxing with change and inclusion. If we insist on separateness, we are abiding in the illusion of fear rather than the freedom of clear vision.

How we relate to this New Moon will deeply affect the rest of the month. While we begin August speeding along with Mars in high gear, he eventually slams into Saturn on August 24, bringing a sudden karmic reckoning. If we are steadfast in the purity of our intentions, continuing our efforts towards combing out greed, power, and ego, this aspect will reward us with respect and recognition from the outside world. If not, we may feel like we have smashed into a wall of our own undoing.

The Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on August 18, marking another karmic day—the first of three eclipses. Since Aquarius rules humanitarianism and global issues, on this day altruism will eclipse the selfish Leo Sun, purifying any neurotic attributes of the regal lion. This brings to mind the mythology of Icarus. Riding too high on wings of hubris and inflated ego, Icarus fell to his death. Similarly, any parts of us out that are out of integrity with the enlightened side of Leo will easily be defeated.

In fact, with male and female energies inverting this year, it is only natural that any archetypal king of narcissism could unravel as we usher in a new era ruled by feminine ideology—a paradigm antithetical to our current age of materialism and patriarchy. While many have been expressing fear in the face of uncertainty and collapsing structures, we could instead find solace in knowing that everything occurring aligns perfectly with the planets’ intended path. We are beginning to set in motion our enlightened ideals, to contemplate where best to lay our bricks. If we continue purifying the ground, mustering courage to take action from our truest hearts, we will have great potential to rise fully into the new age, to form communities and societies which align with a higher frequency. Staring over the edge of a future unknown, we could remind each other that the path to enlightenment involves leaping into

uncertainty — again and again.


This August, Leo, the Sun King, heartily shines through our Plutonian darkness, marking a pivotal moment in lightening up. The New Moon on August 2 coincides with Mars moving into Sagittarius, increasing our optimism as we widen our scope from our navels to the farthest-reaches of horizon. As we begin barreling forward this month, we must continue the work of purifying our intentions. Mars will conjunct Saturn later in the month, and if we have been operating from a place of grasping and self-centeredness, we could experience a painful, karmic reckoning. On the other hand, if we have been working hard with integrity, Saturn will reward us with outside acknowledgment. The Full Moon Eclipse later in the month will bring balance to the neurotic qualities of Leo Sun. Like Icarus flying too high, anyone behaving boastfully or egoically may fall to their metaphorical demise. As Saturn continues to square Neptune, rooting out deception and dissolving boundaries of all kinds, we may remember to surrender to the process rather than solidifying our various walls. If we can move beyond fear, we may even glimpse an awakened future as we play with the bounds of now, just like cheerful lions and lionesses.

Basking in the heat of the late-summer sun, may we open fully to our sense pleasures, experiencing the pulsating beauty of the phenomenal world. May we open to the luminosity that arises as we courageously dive into the immense unknown.

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No. 26: The Astrology of July 2016:
Green Shoots from the Ashes

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs - Astrology of July 2016

It is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.
–Jorge Luis Borges

Every forest begins with a fire. The destruction sparks a chain of rebirth as the heat of crackling flames forces pinecones to pop open and release their long-dormant seeds. As we feel into the planetary energies of July, rather than fearing chaos and unraveling, we might embrace this cycle of change, understanding that we are beginning a revolution, inching towards our collective rebirth. During this process, the world is depending on us as individuals to saddle up with courage, pure intention, and embodiment. We each possess seeds of awakenment, which are ready to germinate alongside others. Then we may collectively shoot green from the ashes and begin anew. Now is the time to consider our roles in creating a new paradigm, and with Cancer reigning this month, our journey begins with self-love.

Early July, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus land in the watery, sentimental sign of Cancer, the crab. Themes of self-nourishment, intimacy, motherhood, and family are central right now. Carrying his house on his back, the crab teaches us to feel at home within ourselves, developing inner security so we can serve others like a nurturing mother. What a soft influence to accompany the more revolutionary energies brewing right now. Cancer reminds us that we can help humanity by loving ourselves. We can create little worlds of warmth and light, around which others may orbit, finding respite in our strength.

This support is much needed after our recent journey with Mars Retrograde, which just stationed direct in Scorpio—sign of death, destruction, and rebirth. Understandably, the past couple of weeks have been challenging, with energies crescendoing beneath the surface like a Stravinsky piece. While we’ve witnessed some explosions, both literal and metaphorical, we may now find solace in knowing that we are at least moving forward. We are forging ahead, hand-in-hand with our dear, wounded Mars—planet of action, anger, and masculinity—who will limp along before gaining traction. He will remain in Scorpio the entire month, allowing us to slowly integrate our Mars Retrograde work, helping us to settle

after rooting out our collective darkness—particularly around aggression.

On July 4, the New Moon in Cancer is surrounded with strong aspects, as the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury join together and oppose Pluto, transforming our relationships to security and self-sufficiency. Hopefully, we will use this time to balance strong backs with soft fronts, relaxing fear and finding strength in dignity. Coinciding with America’s birthdate, this Moon represents a new cycle for the nation—one that is gentler, more loving, and oriented towards kindness. Simultaneously, the New Moon ignites our ongoing Saturn-Neptune square, which continues jolting us into reality, helping us to release illusions and deception. Even on a personal level, fantasies out of synch with reality will inevitably crumble. In romance, if we are still clinging to past lovers or unrequited loves, we may finally release them once and for all, understanding that as humans, we cannot make love to a ghost. We must finally let go of our painful longing.

With Venus, the Sun, and Moon opposing Pluto, themes of softening masculinity continue from previous months, while the divine feminine grows further into her power. Above all, balance is key—understanding how to blend clarity with compassion, strength with humility, as we grow into spiritual renegades heralding a new era. We must find courage to hold both unconditional love and strong boundaries, as aggression and bigotry continue to self-demolish.

On July 19, a Full Moon in Capricorn arrives, pulling in after multiple Pluto oppositions. Issues around power and government continue to transform, bringing the world more unrest. Fortunately, we will be strengthening our compassion and softening as individuals, which will fortify our communities and families with tolerance and love. If we can open to inner-revolutions and release fundamentalist viewpoints, we will truly tenderize the world from a grass roots level—one individual, one family, and one community at a time.

As July draws to a close, the Sun and Venus move into Leo, rewarding us with joy, play, humor, and creative expression. Even in the midst of worldwide intensity, there is cause for celebration. The planet is vibrating at a much higher frequency, and anything out of alignment will surface to dissolve. We are growing into self-reliance, waking up to deception and corruption, and strengthening our abilities to ride big waves. We are finally realizing that we are the sky, and the weather is only temporary. In the wake of our calamity, may we contemplate the beauty of this chaos and the potential it presents to start again—this time, from a foundation of pure intention.


This July, with strong Pluto aspects following our months-long journey of Mars in Retrograde, all arrows are pointing to revolution. Governments and political systems are falling apart, and we are standing on the edge, overlooking the deep unknown. If we work through our fear, we may see that there is tremendous hope to begin again—this time from a foundation of purity, rather than materialism. With the Sun and Venus in Cancer, individuals in their communities are carrying on with gentleness and goodness, nurturing one another and themselves. Now is a time to harmonize and bring darkness to the surface for dismantling. Misconceptions, self-deception, greed, materialism, and corruption are melting away, and we are awakening further into oneness, laying the groundwork for the coming age.

Surrounded with the flowers of high summer, may we play in the phenomenal world, dancing in water, embodying wisdom with boundless joy. While buds shoot from the char, may we stop to rest our minds in emptiness, realizing that fire not only encourages new growth; we are the fire. And all along, there was nothing to fear.

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No. 24: The Astrology of June 2016:
Blending the Earthly with the Divine

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs -
Astrology of June 2016

June bursts open before it even begins. Rapidly, we are shifting with the mercurial energies of Gemini, ever changing and unpredictable. As we survey the landscape, lush flowers, overgrown weeds, and tall grasses spill over the beds that we created, and the Astrology of this month is much the same. We enter June with two major configurations: a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine—controlled chaos that forces us to plunge into multiple axes of self-realization. This is an all-encompassing and pivotal month, and if we open to the powerful lessons it presents, we may finally move into our truest purpose—bringing wisdom and spirit into the tangible realm of being human.

Numerous planets work together in June, forming a powerful Grand Cross while bringing the lessons of the past several months into palpable fruition. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are activating the truth of Sagittarius, the hard work of Virgo, the intellect of Gemini, and the spirituality of Pisces. Now, whatever we have conceived has the chance of being born. Whatever has been our focus—enlightenment, art, business, or relationship—we may now bask in inspiration, luck, and high-mindedness while Saturn and Virgo sandpaper our visions with their diligence and practicality.

A Grand Earth Trine between Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto offers wonderful support, helping us to transform and ascend then gracefully return to the gritty earthly realm. We must root firmly in the earth and take care of ourselves—paying our bills, making our beds, setting boundaries. From there, we may branch into the realms of unconditional love and spiritual expansion then share our inspiration with others. This is

the basic path that the planets have outlined for us with their crystalline patterns.

Reinforcing these themes, an opposition between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo shoots straight through the Grand Trine, bringing tension to an otherwise harmonious configuration. Again, we must negotiate the nebulous realm of spirituality or fantasy with becoming embodied humans, unafraid of hard work. This opposition is especially important because it forms part of the Grand Cross, which remains for most of June. The emphasis is on high-mindedness, and this is no time for ego-clinging. We must set aside our personal problems in order to serve the planet. Now is the time to awaken with others, rather than escape through asceticism and materialism.

Increasing the magnitude of June’s Grand Cross, the New Moon in Gemini joins in on June 4, conjuncting Venus and fortifying this period of collective awakening. We may feel uncomfortable as the diamond-like structure of the Grand Cross is now compressing us for our own good, leaving no room to escape. We are unable to hide in our illusions, addictions, or the pleasures of the earthly realms. This feeling is magnified by Mercury trining Pluto, which insists we confront any lies that we are still telling ourselves or each other.

With Mars stationing direct on June 30, we end the month with a bang. We have been reevaluating masculinity and undergoing hard work to clear karma, which lays groundwork for a new phase. We are bounding forward with hard-won wisdom, more harmonized male and female energies, and a firmer understanding of our way forward. This is truly a pivotal moment as we look to the horizon, the kingdom of

golden light emerging slowly, bringing about the dawn of a new era. While we might feel rattled by all the shifting, shaky from blasts of such bright light, we have the wings of Gemini beneath us, and our best bet is take a leap, embracing the beauty of rapid change and the mysteries of the unknown.


With two major configurations in June—a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine—we may simultaneously feel compressed and supported. The energy of Gemini encourages change, and we are quickly evolving, both personally and collectively. With themes of balancing ultimate and relative truths, dreams with practicality, now is the time to step into our highest vibration of embodied wisdom. The planets are providing perfect support for us to blend our purest inspiration with what is truly possible. With Mars stationing direct after a months-long journey of reevaluating the masculine and releasing the deepest layers of our psyche, we may now dive into the beautiful unknown. We may trust our innate wisdom, realizing the ever-present arms of Truth, Beauty, and Love surround us, always.

Like luscious peonies, may we embody the earthly and the divine in layers of gorgeous complexity. May we celebrate the kaleidoscope of our collective beings, never giving up—on ourselves, this life, or each other.

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No. 20: The Astrology of May 2016:
Connecting with the Pinkness of Pink

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs -
Astrology of May 2016

What quiet beauty and practical magic Taurus brings as we enter the month of May. The sea of petals, abundance of color, and aromatic pollen stimulate our sense pleasures, reintroducing human delight. As we move further away from Aries’ fiery impulses, we remember the unassuming power of Taurus, who exemplifies the beauty of stillness and embodiment. With five planets in retrograde this month, the slowness of Taurus is even slower. We have no choice but to take our time combing through previous lessons with fine teeth until all impurities dislodge, washing away with the last of spring’s showers. This is a beautiful but uncomfortable time, which allows us to release our most subtle, unexamined blind spots so we may fully awaken.

At the end of April, Mercury became the fifth planet to station retrograde, joining Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mars. This presents a potent time to harness psychic energies and connect with the vision of our innermost mind. If we meditate this month, we have easier access to alternate dimensions and the sacredness of everyday life. The retrogrades also mark a period of looking back, going inward, and surrendering what is not serving us. We may feel stretched, squeezed, tired, or irritable while we reevaluate our truths, circumstances, and past behavior. With Saturn in Sagittarius forming a T-Square with Jupiter and Neptune, the pressure intensifies and heightens, particularly on May 26, when the configuration is exact. An orchestra of voices and opinions surrounds us as Saturn in Sagittarius reveals our dogmatic beliefs. Like mating birds in spring, the competitive voices of ego-clinging—in our head, the media, politics, and relationships—nearly drown out our intuitive wisdom.

The good news is that whatever surfaces has the chance to purify. With Neptune squaring

this evangelical Saturn, we may notice that previous ego structures, politics, morality, and belief systems are undergoing change, that anything not working for our highest good is now boiling over and erupting. If we have been working for ego purposes (fame, wealth, power, or prestige), we may experience an existential crisis, finally asking ourselves why?

While at first these energies feel difficult, this period heralds a seismic shift so we may ascend to a purer way of being. Jupiter in Virgo is still connecting us with pure intention, giving us an opportunity to remember who we really are, to move beyond our irritability and allow a beautiful unraveling of our egos. Then we may open to a simpler way of being, existing with less effort. As we do this, we will find ourselves surrounded by people we have always known and loved, but who are finally growing into their truer selves alongside us. With the influence of Taurus, we may cook dinner together, plant gardens, share our spiritual insights, and laugh. Glimpses of enlightened society begin to emerge as never before, showing us what is possible as we look towards the new paradigm, set to begin in 2020, when Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn.

Towards the end of the month, the Full Moon on May 21 presents the continuing reversal of male and female energies. Venus and Mars line up with the Sun and Moon, respectively. As part of our personal and collective restructuring, feminine and masculine energies balance and blend, and more women come into power. Relationship values are questioned and current relationships undergo structural changes. The trends of transgender awareness, sexual ambiguity, and polyamory will also carry on.

In the end, there is no right or wrong. In each

domain, the purpose of this period is to push against the reality we have all agreed upon, to play with our rigidity like a rubber band, and to find the courage to let go. With Taurus ruling the month, we have ample ground beneath us to support this process. As the retrogrades push us into alternate dimensions, now is our time to purify, heal, and open our channels. From there, we may take a leap and explore what lies beyond. If we embrace the unraveling and remain truly present, every object and person will radiate with the magic of sacred world.


With five planets moving retrograde and Taurus slowing things down, May creates the feeling of entering a wormhole, our sense of space and time folding in on itself. If we are able to let go of solid belief systems and dive into the unknown, the stars will repay us with healing and an introduction to the higher realms. We are reexamining ourselves, our circumstances, and our belief systems with a magnifying glass. While it may be uncomfortable or painful, this is the perfect time to go inside ourselves, meditate, and remember our true nature. The underlying message is to relax, let go, and fully trust that the Universe provides all that we need in every moment.

Surrounded by intoxicating colors, the scents of spring, and the maze of flowering trees, may we connect with the richness within us. May we release and open—to the purpleness of purple, the pinkness of pink—to the sacredness of our world, which we finally realize was here all along.

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No. 17: The Astrology of April 2016:
Awakening into Spring

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs -
Astrology of April 2016

As the melting snow reveals the first buds of spring and our pallid faces turn towards sunlight, we have finally entered the fresh energy of Aries and the Astrological New Year. Along with baby sheep and hatching chicks, we are born anew in the rush of spring, leaving behind the sleepiness of March and the rich, saturated Piscean dream realm. March left us wide open as we expanded into interconnectedness, and now Aries is helping us to embody our lessons. The ram is pushing us back into our human selves so we may radiate Universal love as individuals.

However, this is no ordinary Aries month. April presents a fascinating blend of energies as Mars, ruler of Aries, invigorates us while five planets move retrograde. As Mars pushes us to crack open like seeds and begin a spirited chapter of self-actualization, these many retrogrades ask us to remain still, holding our chi as we take time to rest, and clear the way for projects we are initiating. Whether we are beginning a new relationship, business, or way of being, the Universe is holding our hand, helping us to decelerate while we lay sturdy stones for our next ventures.

On April 7, we have the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year. Conjuncting Uranus, this will launch us into an energized cycle of self-sovereignty. These energies encourage us to fully embrace our true, eccentric selves, and to understand that we are the queens and kings of our lives, governing what to accept and reject. With most of the outer planets forming angles to the Moon, it will have societal emphasis, encouraging us to take responsibility for whatever arises, both in our personal lives and in the world.

Joining Saturn and Jupiter, which have stationed retrograde already, Mars begins his pivoting on April 17, remaining in one place for most of the month before moving back into

Scorpio. Mars moves quickly, so having him in one place for so long is significant. At first we may feel frustrated, as the impulsiveness of Mars is thwarted by his backwards motion; however, we could see this as a powerful opportunity for reflection. While Mars stands still, we will be able to receive the wisdom of hindsight in the present moment. This gives us the chance to thoroughly prepare for our dreams to be realized, as we build a solid foundation of clear karma, authenticity, and careful planning. Our job now is to ask ourselves what we would like to create in the world before Mars stations direct later in the summer. Is it a new or healthier relationship, a work of art or music, a prosperous business, a stronger sense of self-worth? What do we want to shed, and what do we want to bring forth? This is the perfect time to clarify such desires. With Jupiter on the North Node, hopefully we will feel moved to create only that which is of benefit to the world.

When our manifestations spring forth in late June, the whole world will glisten with the fruition of our pure intention. We may trust that the slowing momentum over the next few months is a necessary part of our unfoldment, that the Universe is giving us space to adequately prepare for a huge opening in our right time. Fortunately, the Sun moves into Taurus on April 19, giving us the virtue of patience—a welcome support for all of these retrogrades. The energy of the Taurus Sun will feel much more comfortable than Aries, helping us to release our Mars-retrograde frustrations.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22, we will end the month with a period of reckoning. If we have been doing our work, staying with our true purpose, and purifying our karma, we may feel rewarded by this Moon while efforts towards closure beautifully culminate. If we have been causing harm to ourselves or others,

we may feel like the Universe is punishing us, or at least ripening our karma with an abrupt swing of her Plutonian sword. If the latter is the case, do not worry. Instead, feel gratitude for this chance to release karmic debt and begin again with integrity.


We have awoken from the dreaminess of March, and the world has ignited with the beginning of spring, fresh buds, and the reclaiming of the light. However, April presents an unusual blend of energies, with the freshness and impulsivity of Aries mixing with the restraint of multiple retrogrades—including April’s ruler, Mars. This actually provides a wonderful opportunity to lay careful groundwork for our aspirations, which will likely bring epic fulfillment of our dreams later in the summer when the planets go direct. Rather than feel the frustration of potential stop-starts, we could examine every facet of our projects and intentions, purifying any hidden corners of our previous karmic lessons. Thus, this is the perfect time to clarify what we would like to accomplish, to tune in with our most genuine aspirations, and to harness patience as we follow through with the work the Universe is presenting us.

May we meet the energies of April with curiosity and playfulness, embodying Universal love in our everyday expressions. May we find beauty in intensity and rise from the melting snow, as fresh and awake as the daffodils of early spring.

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No. 14: The Astrology of March 2016:
Blurry Boundaries, Light Eclipsing

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs -
Astrology of March 2016

If He dissolve—then—there is nothing—more—
Eclipse—at Midnight—
It was dark—before—
–Emily Dickinson

Oh Pisces, sign of spirituality, magic, dreams, and delirium! She is ever the Queen of March 2016. Yet as five planets move into her dominion, you may barely notice her, for she dissolves all sense of me and you, her or us. She pulls us into the ocean of oneness, and we begin to expand, our edges breaking into the ether. Like a Turner painting, the land, elements, and sky bleed into each other, distinguishable only through feeling.

What a glorious month then for mystics, sensitives, and psychics, as the solidity of earthly reality bends, and the ethereal realm becomes much more visible. Our poets, musicians, artists, dancers—the other inhabitants of the heavenly realm—may feel much more open to channeling their creative waves, and this period will spawn works of art that transmit depth of emotion and glimpses of interconnectedness. Even those who seldom tap in will find their hearts flashing open to this permeability.

However, this month also contains dangers if we refuse the lessons it presents. The axis of Virgo and Pisces asks us to maintain our sense of sovereignty, our pure intentions, and our rooting in the earth, as we expand outward. With two eclipses looming this month, the power of choice is tenfold, and we could either reap the rewards of our efforts, which are based in pure intention, or endure the karmic consequences of engaging in manipulation, addiction, self-gain, or other lesser pursuits.

At Beginning of the month, Chiron is opposing Jupiter, eventually joining the nodes of the Moon and aligning with the total Solar Eclipse on March 8. This is quite a moment for our collective healing. The Solar Eclipse sets the tone for the next six months, acting as an apex for the ongoing Jupiter-North Node conjunction in Virgo, which has been guiding us towards our highest good, engaging us in discipline and discrimination as our hearts and minds open to vastness. We are reminded to

be steadfast in healthy decision-making, and to care for ourselves in the most human, fundamental ways. If we have not been setting healthy boundaries, if we have been engaging in toxic behaviors or addictions, now is the time when the stars help us to connect with our growing consciousness by setting us forth on a path of healthy choosing; otherwise, they will painfully reveal the karma we’ve created.

But remember, nothing is bad. Whatever happens, fear not, because everything is path—pain and pleasure alike are energies we ride and grow from, as they guide us to center. As Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön once said, “Pain is not punishment; pleasure is not reward.” The idea is to find the middle way, where we neither shy away from what scares us, nor cling to fleeting moments of entertainment. With Mars moving through Scorpio, he asks us to surrender both pain and pleasure, lows and highs, in order to awaken. In tandem with Mars in Scorpio, the eclipses quicken our paths. Like wisteria in May, they burst forth, and with sometimes-difficult messages, they open the psychic doors of our hearts and minds.

On March 23, we experience the second eclipse of the month, this time a Lunar Eclipse in Libra, opposing the Aries Sun. The Jupiter-Saturn square, which we have been working with for a while, will be exact on the day of this eclipse, echoing the previous lessons of March around setting boundaries in order to expand. The emphasis is now on 'self' in relationship to ‘other,' and it asks us to have compassion, to forgive ourselves and each other, and to let go, with finality. Who are we on our own, and in relationship to others? Are our hearts open enough? Are they too open? Are we engaging with proper energetic boundaries, with balance and respect? These are the questions this Lunar Eclipse will ask. As we look around, it may be difficult to find where we end and others begin, and if we already have a propensity for openness, the key is to stand

firmly on the ground, to be still, and to feel the tenderness of our hearts simultaneously with the strength of our backs, allowing emotion and thought to move through us without altering them. Here, we feel the universe within us without losing connection with our beautiful earth.


With so many planets in Pisces and two eclipses this March, the sensitivity of our beings is heightened. We must remember to treat ourselves like delicate orchids, paying close attention to our basic needs while not pushing ourselves too far, only exposing our hearts to situations and people that align with our highest vibration. Like a mirrored room, reality and illusion blur together, offering a wonderful period for spirituality, art, and music to exalt our minds, and to help us feel the throbbing of our hearts and the tingling of our crown chakras. If we stay true to our highest intentions and practice the discipline of healthy boundaries, we will have a vibrant time filled with energetic play, heightened psychic abilities, and inter-dimensional travel. Of course, we run the risk that people, diseases, or natural phenomenon could expand out of control, but it is up to us as individuals to do our work, and to inspire each other to live from the heart by abiding in our own. Compassion and forgiveness come easily this month, so take advantage. Release the burden of all resentment once and for all.

May our roots grow strong and our flowering branches extend so far that we blend with the cosmos, becoming indistinguishable from glimmering stars. This way, the darkness of March’s eclipses will turn all of us to light.

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No. 9: The Astrology of February 2016:
A Month of Purification

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs - Astrology of 2016

There is an electric fire in human nature tending to purify.
–John Keats

February is a month ruled astrologically by the electricity of Uranus, and culturally by the romantic edge of Valentine’s Day. This February 2016, the stars see us continuing the theme of purification and deep purging, specifically through relationship—an influence that began when the North Node moved into Virgo a few months back. Looking behind us, January shaped up to be an intense month as Mercury joined Pluto, Black Moon Lilith opposed Uranus, and Mars moved into the intense sign of Scorpio, all transits pushing us into the underworld to face whatever we have been repressing. As February unfurls, the themes of delving into shadow work for the purpose of waking up will continue. Much like a crimson red rose with prickly thorns, this will not be a comfortable month, but as long as we do the work, it will help us to open into the beauty of our true nature.

The first major transit of February occurs on the 5th of the month, when Venus in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, an intensely passionate stirring of energies just in time for Valentine’s Day. With Venus moving through Capricorn, we’ve been working with the more logistical aspects of love. Perhaps we’ve engaged in practical conversations with our partners and ourselves about relationship and commitment, keeping a cool restraint on passionate whims. However, February 5 may bring a powerful jolt to this self-restraint, and we could feel a great amount of passion, intensity, and intimacy suddenly springing forth, thawing the ice crystals of Capricorn, like a lightning bolt melting a snowflake. Any relationships that begin under this influence will be powerful and deep, perhaps setting us onto new life paths, and certainly forcing us to look at our shadows. In current relationships, unconscious or secretive matters may come to the surface, and this could be the turning point when we finally make the decision to release whatever is out of synch with our highest good.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 8 will be extraordinary. New Moons mark beginnings, and Aquarius is the crystalline and eccentric energy of enlightenment and humanitarianism. Collectively, we are in a transitional period, leading to a new age and paradigm, and in a way this New Moon represents the beginning of our group awakening. The aloof, clear influence of Aquarius and the immediacy of its

ruler, Uranus, combined with the emotional reboot of the New Moon, means that we may experience sudden liberation from old habits that hold us back, both on collective and personal levels.

As Mars continues its journey through Scorpio, February carries us further into shadow work spurred by relationship. If we understand some key points, we can become night-blooming jasmine, opening into fragrant blossoms in the dark, while reflecting the iridescent light of the Moon. This is the time to look at where others have become our triggers, and where we are stuck in anger. The more we expose our cavernous, unresolved shadows to the luminosity of awareness, the more we wake up. The moment we shine light, shadows disappear, so we may as well relax and see relationship difficulty as an opportunity for personal healing and purification. We may even thank anyone who harms us for showing us the places where we need to stop judging ourselves. This is the graduate level spiritual work the Universe is asking of us now. We are ready. Let us remember to drop into our hearts if we feel like giving up.

While engaging in shadow work, what better sign for the sun to transit than Aquarius? The sign is cool, objective, and future-oriented, so while we examine the aspects of ourselves that we fear most, we will possess Aquarian detachment, making this an excellent time to undergo therapy. Electric Aquarius will show us alternative points of view, perhaps exposing an angle we could not access previously. With Uranian lightning, we may be able to release instantly whatever beliefs or relationships are holding us back, emphasizing the jolt of Pluto conjunct Venus from February 5.

When Venus enters Aquarius on February 16, some of us may try to break free from the romantic structures we’ve been building of late, and our focus may turn away from personal relationships and more towards the harmonizing of humanity. This is a wonderfully inventive and artistic period for Aquarians and other air signs, who may experience a shock of creative energy. Possibly, relationships may begin now that exist outside the social norm, or at least, conversations may take place around alternative romantic agreements.

A final noteworthy transit in February will be the Full Moon in Virgo on February 22. Full Moons bring the energy of completion, and this particular one will represent the conclusion of an issue around heartbreak or financial difficulty that began back in September 2015, during the Solar Eclipse. This Full Moon will oppose Neptune, and situations relating to bringing deep yearnings into practical reality will reach some kind of apex, helping us to clarify our purest intentions. Luckily, North Node-in-Virgo conjunct Jupiter has been tilling the soil for this influence. The more we return to our desire to be of benefit to ourselves and others, the more beautifully we will experience the light of this Full Moon; the more we have purified, the more the Moon will expose our beauty rather than our shadows.


This month we are certainly undergoing an interesting planetary dance involving the Aquarius Sun, North Node in Virgo, and some intense Plutonian influences. Pluto is forcing us into the depths; Virgo North Node is purifying our shadows; and the Aquarius Sun is pulling us back to see the big picture, in order to launch us into the future. These influences are all par for the course during this transitional period. We must not lose heart and remember that we are doing good work here. By the end of this cycle of purification, we will be like newborn babies, fresh, awake, and naturally shifting into a new paradigm founded in wisdom and love. We must try to stay open to all of it. As the Buddhists say, the next Buddha is a society. The idea is to keep returning to our hearts and to help others to do the same, until all beings have attained enlightenment. May we welcome the electric shadows of this potent month. May we bloom in the night.

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No. 1: State of the Heavens
The Astrology of 2016

by Juliana McCarthy

Regime des Fleurs - Astrology of 2016

According to the stars, the year 2016 will bring a period of restructuring and relative peace—a welcome respite after an intense 2015. With mass shootings, divisive politicians, the refugee crisis, and more, 2015 saw much calamity—not surprising, considering it marked the end of a challenging square off between Pluto and Uranus, which brought the Great Depression and Hitler’s rise to power when it last formed in the 1930s. Now that this arduous angle has ended, the stars see us transitioning into a period of equanimity, when we can personally and collectively rise from the ashes in true Plutonian form, into a new vibration of consciousness.

First, we have work to do, and with Neptune squaring Saturn at the start of the year, we find reality conflicting with our dreams for the future. If we’ve imagined the impossible, our job is not to mourn what cannot be; it’s to figure out if we can make practical adjustments to accommodate our vision. If our dream is to grow African tulips in the Himalayas, we may ask ourselves what’s feasible: Could we adjust the soil pH, collect rainwater, build a greenhouse? Are we willing to accept limitations and alter our visions accordingly? Perhaps a field of blue poppies or purple primulas could bring a different kind of joy, still magnificent but more pragmatic given our circumstances. This is the type of balance that the Neptune-Saturn square insists we strike.

At the start of the year, Jupiter in Virgo has become our collective garden of white peonies bursting into bloom after fall’s careful pruning. It represents a time of abundance that comes from methodical planning and attention to detail. Any seeds of commitment, diligence, and integrity that we plant before September will pay off bountifully.

Throughout January and February, Jupiter will join the North Node in Virgo, encouraging us to ask: What are our purest intentions? A beautiful path will emerge if we can connect with our deepest drives and use them as a compass when we lose our way. As we shed our

old skin, we may find ourselves stumbling, feeling vulnerable and afraid. Who will we become? What new paradigm will we create? Facing the unknown is scary, but we must remember that it’s OK to make mistakes—the trick is to keep returning to our pure intentions while setting aside petty whims. Like a baby deer, we may feel wobbly on our new legs, but we can find comfort in remembering that every event, each moment of joy and pain, is an opportunity for growth, fodder for spiritual expansion.

On April 17, 2016, Mars will turn retrograde through Scorpio, the sign of sexuality and death. This is a time to explore the mossy corners of our aggression and psyches, in order to face the wounds we’ve buried out of fear. A healing crisis may occur, but if we do our work, we can come out of this with tremendous self-¬awareness, especially around our anger.

When Jupiter enters Libra in September 2016, we’ll feel as if we’re waking up from a midsummer nap in a romantic English garden, our senses filled with magenta mondahlias, tangerine sundahlias, and the thick scent of jasmine. This will be a period when relationships harmonize, intractable conflicts have the opportunity to resolve, and love expands globally and personally. It will be a wonderful time for Libras and other air signs (Gemini and Aquarius). Intellectual and artistic pursuits, romantic relationships, and marriage will have the lucky and joyful light of Jupiter shining on them.

With Venus aligning with Mars throughout the year, global fighting may soften, since Venus presents an opportunity for consensus and peace. Tolerance and compassion are likely to spring forth all over the world, even from the darkest corners. Male and female energies will blend easily now, contributing to the current movement toward gender fluidity. In keeping with these themes, Pantone has announced that the colors of the year are soft-pink Rose Quartz and baby-blue Serenity. The company’s director has stated:

"[These colors] demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and a cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace."

Indeed, these colors reflect the harmonizing of Venus and Mars, our planets of love and war, femininity and masculinity.


The first two weeks of January are significant astrologically, leading us into a period of recalibration after the turmoil of the past few years. Fantasy and reality will dance uncomfortably as we begin the New Year, creating an energy best harnessed by making sure our dreams are firmly rooted in the earth. With Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo, now is the time to shed old skin and connect with our authentic hearts. In establishing this connection, our life paths will begin to unfold. Facing our fears and returning to our purest intentions is key.

2016 Summary

Overall, the year looks hopeful. Peace, good health, and harmony in relationships are significant themes, and after some astrological intensity over the past few years, these pleasant transits are very welcome. Remember to take advantage of Jupiter’s expansiveness by organizing your life. We shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes as we shed old layers and touch base with our aggression and hidden fears. We have Venus on our side to lighten the gloom, and globally this will help move us into compassion, understanding, and tolerance. After all, individuals plant the seeds for collective peace.

May your impossible dreams bloom into glorious fruition in 2016.

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