Régime des Fleurs draws from nature, history, and art. Discover and be inspired.

Régime des Fleurs Pour Tous eaux de parfum, inspired the sublime drama of the botanical kingdom.

2017: Falling Trees, Glass Blooms, Cacti, Willows, Gold Leaves

Régime des Fleurs Artefacts, perfumed candles inspired by the ancients.

2017: Thaleia, Swans, Naiad, Return

Régime des Fleurs Fait Main perfumes are exclusive and experimental artisan editions handmade in Los Angeles by the brand founders.

2014: nitesurf, water/wood, turquoise, freeworld, Bel Époq, Dove Grey, Fauna, Nymphaea Caerulea, Floralia.
2015: mirror, Timelapse, Dregs.